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Keynote: Medievalism is a Virus

GLOBAL MEDIEVALISM: culture, appropriations and reinventions

Medievalism is a highly infectious agent that has replicated in post-medieval human societies at a global scale. Because it is capable of infecting all areas of human life, it has invaded almost every thought system on Earth and thus constitutes one of the most wide-spread human mentalities. When infected, human hosts (and groups of hosts) are enticed to precipitously produce countless copies and simulacra of the ‘original’ Middle Ages. Medievalism has a myriad of transmission pathways, including language, memory, ritual, religion, music, technology, nationalism, gender, race, politics, and education. We will look at many of them as well as at humans’ responses, coping strategies, and remedies. For the full conference program, see HERE.

Grupo de estudos em História Medieval - Universidade Estadual de Montes Claros - UNIMONTES, Brazil



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