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New Year's Wishes

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Last year offered an incredible number of moments I am grateful for. My mom received a new heart valve and has been recovering and doing quite well, staying in her own home, thanks to two wonderful women who support her. Taliesin got his dream spot at UGA via early action admission and continues to be a joyful presence in our home. At Thanksgiving, we had a marvelous visit to New Orleans together with dear friends. And over the holiday break, we had a reunion of the entire French side of the family in Atlanta.

Professionally, I continue to be surrounded by colleagues many of whom share my conviction that the humanities, arts, social sciences, and design need to be 'public' to continue to provide an important human-centered contribution to the future, especially in politically troubled and troubling times. At Georgia Tech, we began our new MS in Global Media & Cultures, moved forward with our Black Media Studies initiative, renewed our Mellon-funded Digital Integrative Liberal Arts Lab, strengthened our Career-Origination Lab, and hosted meetings of the International Society for the Study of Medievalism and on Humanistic Perspectives at Technological Universities. Therefore, I am posting the above photograph which is meant to express the enthusiasm and hopes I have for 2020. It was taken by the inimitable Rebecca Burnett, our Director of Writing and Communication, who will be retiring after this academic year and whom we are trying to 'replace' with a new great director later this year. I am confident that mutual appreciation, respect, and collegiality have important roles to play in the ongoing search for the most inclusive and socially just academy. Onward and forward with LMC.


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