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School of Literature, Media, and Communication on the rise

Yes, we still are one of Georgia Tech's best kept wonderful secrets, the (not so) little School with the surprising multidisciplinary degrees and multimodal methodologies. However, we are being noticed much more than we used to: In 2012, we showed up twice in Georgia Tech's Daily Digest; in 2018, we did so 14 times. In 2012, we had a small handful of colleagues who reached broader national audiences; now, you can find something by one of us almost every week. Just check out today's Daily Digest, which features Joycelyn Wilson as the top item.

And here are some recent 'sightings' of Lisa Yaszek, who is by now one of the most widely recognized Georgia Tech faculty all around:  Former first lady Valerie Jackson just interviewed Lisa for her show In Conversation with Valerie Jackson. This is for a special episode about the Atlanta Science Festival that will air on WABE Friday, March 8 at 10 pm. It will also be available at  Lisa is also one of the featured experts in a Grist magazine article about "cli fi":  Grist is an award-winning online non-profit environmental news magazine that has been dubbed "The Colbert Report" of climate change, "The Daily Show" of deforestation, the "Oprah" of oil dependency -- except with real reporting." And Lisa speaks about the history of women in science fiction on the Irish literary podcast Words to the Effect:

Add to this Ilya Kaminsky's recent feature in The New Yorker: Poetry by Ilya Kaminsky, with animated illustrations by Miwon Yoon: “A poet writes deafness as a form of dissent against tyranny and violence.”

And hot off the 'press', an article by Rebekah Greene on "(Re)designing the Instructional Artifact: The Poetry Machine Project" in TECHStyle

And I just know that there are numerous other activities and features that someone forgot to share with me. Onward and forward, r

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