Medievalitas: This site offers information about my public-facing and academic activities and offers commentary, from others as well as me, on diverse examples of medievalism, the creative and critical reception of medieval culture in postmedieval times. A smaller blog section offers information related to my activities at Georgia Tech. And a third section adds some black-and-white photography. All opinions expressed on this site are my own, not those of my employer or the members of the organizations to which I belong.

Biosketch: I have the privilege of serving as Associate Dean for Faculty Development in the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts at Georgia Tech. I previously served at Chair and Professor in Georgia Tech's School of Literature, Media, and Communication, and I have held administrative and faculty appointments at Western Michigan University, the Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen, the University of Northern Iowa, and the Pädagogische Hochschule/Technische Universität Dresden. My scholarship and teaching centers on medieval culture, medievalism, higher education leadership & management, the interconnections between humanistic inquiry and science/technology, reception study, and the formation of cultural memories and identities.

Richard Utz