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Chocolate with the Chair

Had an opportunity, yesterday afternoon, to present a session (cum Q&A) to a fantastic group of colleagues participating in the Georgia Tech Provost’s Emerging Leaders Program, all in the beautiful setting of Barnsley Gardens, Adairsville, Georgia. My session was all about helping my colleagues to figure out if they wanted to be a School chair or not, what the work of a chair involved. Instead of the usual narrative about how 'tough' and 'tedious' it is, I talked mostly about the many rewarding and exciting aspects, which far outweigh the problematic ones. Then, this morning, we all had Jeff Selingo (see below), best-selling author and higher ed journalist, speak to us about "The Decade Ahead: Trends and Challenges in Higher Education." Thanks to Terry Blum, Director, Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship, for putting it all together!


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