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LMC rules at Decatur Book Festival

Like every year, LMC is a top participant at the Decatur Book Festival, one of the biggest events of its kind in the country. If we are talking Literature, you might expect the usual suspects: 

On Saturday, for example, JC Reilly is scheduled at 10am at the Local Poetry Stage, but she competes with Karen Head, who will read at the same time, with Poetry from the Atlanta Review. And Bob Wood reads at the Local Poetry Stage at 10:30am. And all three of them compete with Stacey Abrams, also at 10am. Ok, I admit, Abrams is not in LMC.

At least Katie Farris, who will be at the Local Poetry Stage at 4:15pm on Saturday, does not read at the same time. And Ilya Kaminsky will be reading on Sunday, at First Baptist Decatur Carreker Hall, 3:45pm.

And then there is Nassim Parvin, who will not read poetry, I think, but participate in Emory University's Center for Ethics event on Moral Machines: How is AI Pushing our Ethical Boundaries? All that on Sunday at the Decatur City Hall, at 1:15pm.

And these are only the participants I know about. I hope to see many of you on Saturday or Sunday in Decatur.


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