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Medievalism & Anti-Semitism, Kzoo 2021

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Our session for the International Congress on Medieval Studies (ICMS) in May 2021 is complete. A great selection of papers on an unfortunately topical theme: Medievalism and Antisemitism

  • Organizer/Presider: Richard Utz

  • Defining Modern In-Groups by Medieval Out-Groups: Antisemitism and the Position of Contemporary Spain: J. C. Baumgardt

  • White “Warriors?": Exploring the Roots of Medievalism-Linked Anti-Semitism and Violence in Musical Subcultures: D. Burke

  • Carmina Burana: A Current Approach: M. A. Oberle

  • “Men shal nat maken ernest of game”: The Knights of the Alt-Right: L. A. Finke & M. B. Shichtman

Medievalism, Anti-Semitism, Médiévalisme, Medievalismo, Mediävalismus, Mittelalter-Rezeption



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