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New "Medievalism" entries in Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception

Happy to announce the publication of volume 18 of de Gruyter’s Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception (ERB). Volume 18 covers entries from “Mass” to “Midnight” and includes a section on Medievalism. I contributed the introduction, and the following colleagues contributed specialized subentries: Jane Toswell; Lieke Wijnia; Nils Holger Petersen; Theresa Sanders. -- The print edition of the encyclopedia was the winner of the 2010 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title award.

For access, see HERE

Aims and Scope of the ERB

The Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception (EBR) is the first and only comprehensive reference work devoted to the Bible and its reception.

Since the publication of its first two volumes in 2009, EBR has continued to break new ground and is an indispensable reference work not only for theology and religious studies, but also for the humanities, the arts, cultural studies, and the social sciences. As its foundation, the encyclopedia contains the most up-to-date information on the origins and development of the Bible in the canons of Judaism and Christianity. It then documents the history of biblical interpretation and reception, not only in Christianity and Judaism, but also in Islam and other non-Western religious traditions and movements.

Moving beyond the religious realm, it further innovates by recording how biblical texts have been read, interpreted, and integrated into thought, science, and culture throughout the centuries, summarizing the most recent scholarly research on the reception of the Bible in an array of academic disciplines such as classics and archaeology as well as a wide range of cultural and humanistic fields, such as literature, visual arts, music, film, and dance. Its interdisciplinary approach thus transcends a purely theological or religious perspective. With some forty editors and nearly 4000 authors working in over 50 countries, EBR is truly an international enterprise. The distinguished editorial board is headed by C. Furey, S. L. McKenzie, T. Römer, J. Schröter, B. Dov Walfish, and E. J. Ziolkowski.

Medievalism, Reception Studies, médiévalisme, medievalismo, Mittelalter-Rezeption



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