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Our students, ourselves...

Got one of the most wonderful Thank-a-Teacher notes ever from one of my students from the fall semester of 2023. Blown away by their kindness and appreciation:

Dear Dr. Utz, Thank you for making last semester so great! I really enjoyed having you as a professor. I feel like I learned so much beyond just the learning objectives for the course. Your enthusiastic approach to each lecture was always so contagious and never failed to match your dedication to excellence. From my "Why LMC" paper to my "Final Reflection" essay, I believe that taking LMC2000 with you was one of the best decisions I could have made! I remember telling my mom how excited I was to finally feel confident in my major choice after doing my research. I have NEVER cried after being done with ANY class at Georgia Tech! From the very first class, I could see how much you truly cared for your students' improvement in their communication, as well as their future careers.Your feedback and peer reviewing process for each assignment allowed me to see my own growth by the end. I have actually been meaning to write you this letter since the last day of class. Thank you for being so awesome!!!!



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