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"(Re)Creating Camelot," for Kzoo

Thanks to Michael A. Torregrossa, Joseph M. Sullivan, and Carl Sell for organizing and chairing a great roundtable on "Re-Creating Camelot? Community-Building in Arthurian Studies" for the 59th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, on May 8, 2024. Thanks also to Tirumular (Drew) Narayanan and Jarrod DePrado for their fascinating papers.

I was happy to participate with a presentation on "(Re)creating Camelot:  Scholars, Networks, and the Academy," which included comments on Karl Heinz Göller and Michel Pastoureau, among others, and many observations on how scholars create and sustain networks in medieval studies and medievalism studies. The event was sponsored by the Alliance for the Promotion of Research on the Matter of Britain and the International Arthurian Society, North American Branch.



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