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Review: Medievalism, politics and mass media

Review of Elliott, Andrew B. R. Medievalism, Politics and Mass Media: Appropriating the Middle Ages in the Twenty-First Century, D.S. Brewer, 2017:

While researched, written, and published before most of last year's momentous discussions about the role of race, gender, politics, and ideology in medieval studies and medievalism, Andrew Elliott's study is a timely and relevant contribution to the field. It continues the work begun by Louise D'Arcens and Andrew Lynch (eds., <i>International Medievalism and Popular Culture</i>, 2014), Tommaso Carpegna di Falconieri (<i>Medioevo militante: La politica di oggi alle prese con barbari e crociati</i>, 2011), David M. Marshall (ed., <i>Mass Market Medieval: Essays on the Middle Ages in Popular Culture</i>, 2007), and Bruce Holsinger (<i>Neomedievalism, Neoconservatism, and the War on Terror</i>, 2007), but deepens their insights with a focus on the roles of contemporary media and communication, specifically online medievalisms. It also offers an original theoretical framework for future investigations.  Aware of the often visceral reactions of medieval historians to the public (mis)use of the Middle Ages by non-academic voices, Elliott is careful to prepare a secure theoretical foundation.... Read full text HERE



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