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Studies in Medievalism XXVIII published

The most recent issue of Studies in Medievalism focuses on Medievalism and Discrimination. Editor Karl Fugelso’s description reads: “Discrimination has long played a part in medievalism studies, but it has rarely been weaponized as thoroughly and publicly as in recent exchanges. The essays in the first part of this volume respond to that development by examining some of the many forms discrimination has taken in medievalism (studies) relative to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and ethnicity. These papers thus inform many of the subsequent chapters, which address a wide variety of aspects of medievalism, showing how many cultural areas it touches upon.”

The volume contains the following contributions:

Focus on Medievalism and Discrimination

· Freedom to Discriminate - Helen Young

· “You wouldn’t want to be historically inaccurate”: Online Responses to Race in Medievalist Television - Michael Evans

· Medievalism, Antisemitism, and Twenty-First-Century Media: An Update - Richard Utz

· Mythogyny: Popular Medievalism and Toxic Masculinity - Lauryn S. Mayer

· The Cool and the Queer in Bugs Bunny's Middle Ages - Tison Pugh

Other Essays

· Work for the Soul: Medievalism, the Arts and Crafts Movement, and the Development of a Practical Spirituality in Evelyn Underhill’s Novel The Gray World - Carla A. Arnell

· Exhuming the Living Dead: The Anchoresses of Chris Newby and Robyn Cadwallader - Karen A Winstead · The King’s Speech: Battle Orations in Medieval Film - Peter Burkholder, Jonathan Godsall, and Christopher Caldiero

· Horns: Vikings, Adaptation, Evolution - Kim Wilkins · Bidding with Beowulf, Dicing with Chaucer, and Playing Poker with King Arthur: Neomedievalism in Modern Board Gaming Culture - Timothy Miller

· Vincent van Gogh, the Tre Corone, and the Studio of the South - Aida Audeh

· A Transcription of Helen Waddell’s Notes on the Roman de la Rose and Christine de Pizan: Manuscript Queen’s University Belfast 18/1/c - Angus J Kennedy, Nadia Margolis, and Jennifer FitzGerald



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