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The Year's Work in Medievalism 33 (2018), published

Table of Contents

Edited by Valerie Johnson & Renée Ward, with Laura Harrison

Valerie Johnson & Renée Ward: Introduction pdf

  • Alexandra Sterling-Hellenbrand: East Meets West? Heritage, Medievalism, and the Nibelungenlied on the Danube pdf

  • Sarah J. Sprouse: From ides aglæcwif to “shebeast”: The Loss of the Wrecend in Thomas Meyer’s Translation of Beowulf pdf

  • Loredana Teresi: Jo Nesbø’s The Snowman and the Myth of Týr: Addressing Contemporary Issues through Literary Tradition pdf

  • Karl Fugelso: A Mickey Mouse Inferno: Medievalist Legacies and the Marketing of the Middle Ages pdf

  • Alicia McKenzie: A Patchwork World: Medieval History and World-Building in Dragon Age: Inquisition pdf

  • Scott Manning: Warriors “Hedgehogged” in Arrows: Crusaders, Samurai, and Wolverine in Medieval Chronicles and Popular Culture pdf

  • Adam Debosscher: #ForTheThrone: A Study of the Emphasis on the Medievalism in the Paratext of G. R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire in HBO’s Game of Thrones pdf

  • Call For Submissions pdf



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