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Autism and Communities of Color

Dr. Jennifer Singh, School of History and Sociology, with panel participants.

Director John Thornton all the way to the left, Producer Jennifer Singh all the way to the right

I recently attended the premiere of Navigating Autism in Communities of Color at Georgia Tech at the John Lewis Student Center. The documentary, showcases caregiver experiences of obtaining a diagnosis, accessing services, and advocating for their children. Based on stories from six Black families and their children with autism, we examine the unique struggles of navigating autism in a structurally unequal society and their determination for equal access. In collaboration between the Georgia Tech Schools of History and Sociology and Literature, Media, and Communication, and The Color of Autism Foundation, Navigating Autism offers a first-hand account of the challenges and hopes for a future that embraces autism in Black communities.

  • Director: John Thornton, Senior Academic Professional and Director of Film and Media Production, School of Literature, Media, and Communication, Georgia Tech

  • Producer: Jennifer Singh, Associate Professor, School of History and Sociology, Georgia Tech

  • Executive Producer: Camille Proctor, Founder, The Color of Autism Foundation

For more information, see the documentary website



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