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Bavaria's Robin Hood

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Presented a paper, "Bavaria's Robin Hood," at the 13th Biennial Conference of the International Association for Robin Hood Studies, hosted (virtually) by Richmond American International University and the University of Hull. Great collegial atmosphere, great questions and comments!

The paper focused on the fascinating current status of Robin Hood, whose modest fictional origins are in medieval rural England, as a global super-signifier referenced by all other global outlaw stories. The predominance of Robin Hood for outlaw narratives around the world is a function the predominance of Anglo-American economic, military, and cultural influence. In the case of Matthias Klostermayr, a well-known 18th-century Bavarian outlaw figure, those who make the comparison with the English outlaw, do it without distinguishing between the medieval, early modern, and modern iterations of the Robin Hood narrative, simply using the super-outlaw's global reputation in an attempt to increase attention to a regional figure.

And just got parsed into French by our colleagues from Modernités Médiévales:

Denominators: Medievalism, medievalismo, médiévalisme, Mittelalter-Rezeption, Mediävalismus, reception study, Robin Hood studies



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