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Feels even better these daZe...

Whether it's in your first year as faculty or in your thirtieth, student appreciation always feels great. Feels even better these daZe:

What has been your favorite/most memorable moment in LMC?

I think my most memorable moment in LMC so far has been my career meeting with Professor Utz in LMC 2000: Introduction to LMC. Professor Utz was nice enough to offer meetings with all his students to listen and offer advice to ensure a bright future as LMC students. I appreciated that he took the time to get to know every single one of his students. I came into Tech with a significant amount of self-doubt, and having this meeting with Professor Utz made me feel confident in my choice of becoming an LMC major. His Introduction to LMC course is extremely insightful and helps each student realize their potential at Georgia Tech. Thank you, Professor Utz!


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