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Writing and Comm Program wins National Recognition

The Writing and Communication Program (WCP), was selected as one of eight recipients of the 2021-2022 Writing Program Certificate of Excellence. The award, administered by the Conference on College Composition and Communication - CCCC, recognizes exemplary college writing programs. The writing committee for the award application included Marion L. Brittain Fellows Jeff Howard, Danielle Gilman, Shane Snyder, and Jonathan Shelley, as well as Andy Frazee, senior academic professional and director of the WCP.

“One of my major goals as WCP executive director is to bring attention to the amazing work we do here at Georgia Tech in the hopes of raising national awareness of intentional, mission-driven teaching postdoc programs as an ethical and intellectually vibrant way of staffing a writing program,” said Melissa Ianetta, executive director of WCP and interim chair for the School of Literature, Media, and Communication. “This award goes well towards that goal.”


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